Please find below some examples of my work.  I make a wide range of medieval, Tudor and 17th century furniture.

Email me at fellowcarver for more information of items that I make in these categories

Tableware (shows only)
Medieval Pottery
Tables and Forms
Mid 17th Century
The table has lunette carving along the front and sides and is plain along the back and is suitable to stand against a wall
Gothic Chair
1 24th scale
1/24th Bible Box

Boarded Writing Box
Painted furniture
Knight Chest
Carved Furniture
A six plank chest from the middle of the 16th century.

It has a leaf design with moon shaped faces at the corners
This was the earlier version of the half tester and the small canopy would have been suspended from the ceiling. I have adapted the design so that it is free standing and ropes or cords can be added for an accurate effect when the bed is placed into position. Extra toning or contrasting cushions may be added for a more luxurious look.

The bedding is available a variety of colours, plain and brocade silk.
Arts and Crafts
The design for this is based on Burne-Jones painting 'The Backgammon Players'. The painting is in red, gold, black and creams. The Arts and Crafts period inspiration came from the medieval times.
Folding Furniture
Tabula Plicata

(Folding Table)

13th Century
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