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All the furniture is carefully hand carved and made by me.  The pieces are mostly accurate replicas of original early pieces.  I particularly love 'The Age of Oak', Medieval, Tudor and 17th century furniture made of oak which is richly and vigorously carved.

I have always enjoyed and made miniatures.  I have also designed and made costumes and scenery for the open air theatre at Hever Castle in Kent. I studied pottery and fabric printing, embroidery and clay modelling.  I made the miniature cradle for the 2017 BBC drama based on the book 'The Miniaturist'. My work can be found in museums in England and America. 


I teach students to make carved furniture, so look out for my workshops as they book up quickly.

I am a Fellow of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.

I enjoy researching in my own library about early furniture, houses and social history. I also research on the Internet and at the National Art Library in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. When I can, I travel to see original furniture and houses, taking photographs and measurements. I find the medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods a very rich, colourful and interesting time in our history. I am also interested in European furniture as more examples have survived in warmer climes. Early American carved and painted furniture is also fascinating.

The Arts & Crafts period is also a source of delight to me, their inspiration coming from the medieval times, so now and then I will be carving  pieces from this time.

It is the carving which I most enjoy. I warn students that it can be addictive! 

I always have a large file of ideas for furniture I want to make, so watch this website for new arrivals.

All items are made in 1/12th scale but I do produce as many of my designs as are possible in 1/24th too.

If you want 1/24th scale furniture I can make it to order if I produce it in the smaller scale.  I have very  little of this scale in stock as it sells quickly.

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