Here you will find Carving Kits when they are available.  

These are suitable for those who have carving experience or done a workshop with me, as you really need some tuition on the basic techniques of miniature carving  first.

A small selection of different kits are available.

They are of varying difficulty.

Dragon Chest £70; Knight Chest £60; Langeais Stool £30;

 Simple Stool £20 & Vine Box £40

Also small basic carving panels for learning to carve

Linenfold; a Tudor Rose;  Shields with Lions or Dragons (£5 each )

For further details email me for photos and prices

I have written a booklet on the tools available for miniature carving and how to keep them sharp. 

 'Carving in Miniature. 1. Tools and Their Care' £2.50

I sell a tool set containing 6 palm handle tools 

suitable for carving miniatures for £60

The next booklet now nearly complete is 2. Carving Techniques & Relief Carving.

Further booklets on Pierced Carving  & Linenfold are planned